Saturday, 27 October 2012

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor and Diet

A new kid is on the block and it is called Candida Cell Wall Suppressor. This new treatment claims to treat candida infection without and candida diet! We spoke to them and now have an understanding on the product. This product is for systemic candida and that is really saying something. most products that you find online are directed at candida yeast infections which is different.

You see, candida initially starts out as a yeast and is relatively simple to treat with diet and probiotics. However the amazing thing about this organism is that it mutates into candida fungus and enters the blood and takes root in different locations in the body. It is then that it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to fight.

Once the fungus has reached this stage it has become impervious to the immunes stystems attack. it does this by incorporating a chitin layer into its defenses. Without help this layer is impossible for the fungus to break through. Candida Cell Wall Suppressor helps your body by disabling the fungus ability to create the wall.

Learn mor about this at their website


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